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Even if your submission is this short it should have a loader or play button so that it doesnt pointlessly loop forever

like the loading page

this was absolutely amazing piece of catfish
this was enterely horrible deliberaly
but this was the most inpiring piece i seen in a while.

Great Work!!!

Good sound selection

The animation itself was flawless

The Plot was exciting


The pace could have stayed a bit more constant like the beginning took forever for them to start the fight.

Next time try to show why they are fighting because in a world full of action you shoot first ask questions later.

Was a little on the short side and didnt quite enjoy the short but action packed fight could have had more in my opinion.

Think this is some of the better sprite animations i seen recently. keep up the good work and hope to see your next animation!!!

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Not happy at all. seems i have a issue with your flash. You should probably look into fixing it.

The error reads," VerifyError: Error #1033: Cpool entry 965 is wrong type."

Don't know what happen but would appreciate if you fixed it... if you care enough....

thanks and keep trying I guess...

gsxr1100 responds:

Sorry, for my PC it works correctly.
I have compiled it with Flash 10, are You using a previous version of Flash Player? Or are You running an Adobe debugger?

Simply amazing...

I am Honestly impressed JackSmack. You have pulled it off to make a game not only fun to play but also incorporated a sweet screen click system that seems to get the job done.

The only bad thing I can say or think of is what Firewolf2000 talks about. I played it for a little while and noticed the game slowing down. Some of my friends and me can agree on this if you do not believe my word. I just simply want to see a good game get the proper rank it deserves and not let it be ruined by a mere memory leak.

Good try but you only get a 8/10 till the memory leak is fixed.

Keep up the good work Jack :)

Pretty good

It was different from other puzzle games for the simple reason of having to recognize what they wanted you to do, do it, and watch the clock all at once. cant tell you how many times i hit the damn button i wasnt supposed to lol. Good job and hope for more.

Im with what ever, IF its GOOD IL LIKE IF its NOT...I wont lie about what I see

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